Thursday, November 3, 2011

Weekly Shopping Trip November 2, 2011

As I said in my previous post I am going to be keeping track of the amount of money I spend on groceries as well as the amount of money I save by using coupons. I will be doing this for the month of November just to see how well I do with my $500 budget. I have been lazy lately and using the debit card instead of my envelope system and I know I have gone over these last couple months. This is hopefully going to get me back on track. Plus, I think it sounds kinda fun! So let's get started!

Oh and by the way, I will be keeping a running total of both what I spent and what I saved on the left sidebar.

Fareway Trip
Total spent: $29.47
Total saved with coupons: $3.25
The cereal was a stock up item and the pop was a splurge!

Hy-Vee TripTotal spent: $33.33
Total saved with coupons: $13.75
The cereal, sugar, hot dogs and bacon were all stock items.

After looking at my receipt I noticed that I was charged $.48 extra for 4 packages of hotdogs. So I should have saved an additional $1.92. Grr, guess I will have to talk to customer service next time I am in.

November total spent $62.80
November total saved with coupons $17.00

My savings for the week with just using coupons was 27%. If I factored in the items that were also on sale, that percentage would be higher.


  1. seems like i am always overcharged for something. aggravating!

  2. Got over charged almost $5 at hyvee last week because young girl thought she could use her public school math skills instead of scanning the store coupons. And my kids were running around so I didn't notice. So don't feel bad

  3. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get the percentage. :( HELP!!!

    I just posted on my blog about my fun lil shopping trip this week!

  4. At HyVee if they charge you the wrong price they refund the FULL amount, not the difference. It's totally worth it to go back in. I always scan my receipt in the parking lot before I leave. It's too hard to watch everything while I'm loading and dealing with kids, but worth it to go back in!