Sunday, December 18, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

I can't believe it is the week of Christmas! We have a busy week planned as usual. Wednesday is the last day of school and then all the kids are home for 2 1/2 weeks. We will really be going through the food then! I have a pretty easy meal plan for the week.

Monday...Brat burgers, peas, lettuce salad, and pineapple.
Tuesday...Potato soup, homemade dinner rolls, apples.
Wednesday...Corn dogs, green beans and fruit.
Thursday...Spaghetti, lettuce salad and garlic bread sticks.
Saturday Christmas Eve Dinner...We always have a fancy Christmas eve dinner. It is the only time of the year we break out all the fancy china and tablecloths and eat by candle light. I am not 100 % on our menu for that evening as I have to get all the kids input. I will post what we decide later!

To see what others are having this week, head over to I'm an Organizing Junkie.

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