Thursday, January 12, 2012

31 Days of Nothing - Week 2

We are 13 days into the 31 Days of Nothing Challenge. All is going well on our end.

I went to the grocery store on Saturday the 7th and got this for $15.93.I then went yesterday the 12th and got this for $20.95. I was a little bummed my total was so high. It doesn't seem like much for $20. For the week I spent $36.88. My goal is to stay under $100 for the month. I am sitting at $42.03 right now.

My husband filled up his jeep with gas for a total of $54.36. Other things we spent money on this week were...

2 prescriptions $15.56
Eye exam and new frames for the hubby $100
Paid off my Kohl's credit card from Christmas shopping $153.89
Paid the garbage bill and a couple random medical bills

No unnecessary money went out this week. I am so proud of my husband for not buying any pop or snacks or lunch for that matter at work. This is huge for him and he is doing great. We have cooked and eaten at home for all our meals. My pantry and freezer are still very well stocked. I think I had put up way more food than I thought.

I hardly went anywhere this week so my gas tank is almost full from when I filled up on Sunday. My oldest son is needing some new shoes but said he thought he could get by for a few more weeks. We do have some gift cards that we could use but the goal is to stay out of the stores so I am going to hold onto them. I am a little tempted because I just got a Kohl's coupon for 30% off in the mail. I feel like I should get the shoes now since we have the coupon but for now I am going to hold off. These are the things that tempt you into the store to spend money!

The family has done relatively well turning lights, radios and TVs off when leaving the room. The weather was decent earlier in the week so I even hung a couple loads of laundry outside.

How are you doing? Are you feeling the need to shop? Leave a comment or link up your blog post below. I look forward to hearing how your week went.

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  1. The shoes are killing me! I had hoped to wait til February, but I couldn't. One child outgrew hers and one had holes in the bottom meaning her feet got wet everytime she went outside.

    We hit Famous Footwear - where they were having a 30% off clearance sale. I got both dd's shoes, plus a pair of tennis shoes for ds in the next size up for only $30. Yay!