Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Beautiful Days and Little Surprises

We are finally getting some winter weather rolling into our region. Yesterday was a beautiful day with highs in the 50's. I took my daughter outside for an afternoon walk and to let our birds out to roam. My daughter loves the hens. She is totally fascinated with them. My Buffs are the friendliest of all the birds. They are my favorite. I held one of them while Em petted and inspected her beak and comb.
On our walk we discovered a treasure in the bare flower bed. Can you see it?
Here it is a little closer. I rarely find eggs anywhere but in the nesting boxes. Once in a while I'll find one on the floor in the chicken house or run. A couple times I have found an egg right outside on the ground next to the chicken house. This is the first time I have found an egg in a strange place. It was a fun little surprise!

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  1. What a friendly chicken to let a toddler touch her head! Love hearing about your chickens :)

  2. nice blog! I enjoyed reading them