Monday, January 9, 2012

Ways to Earn a Few Bucks

It's always nice to earn a little extra money. Last week I earned $284. It didn't take a lot of time or effort. Here are some easy ways to earn a few bucks.

Cash in that gold. Gold prices are high right now. Go through those jewelry boxes and cash in what you aren't wearing. Don't mail it in to those places you see advertised on TV. Visit your local jewelers and get a few quotes on what they are willing to give you. If you are local, visit Marcia's Jewelry on the east side of Des Moines. My mother owns that store and my brother and her will take good care of you!

Sell something. You can advertise your items for free on Craigslist. Another option may be community swaps. Local Facebook community swaps are popping up all over the place. It makes it easy to sell your unwanted items.

Cash in cans and bottles. Every couple weeks I make a trip to the redemption center. I take the cans and bottles in from my house as well as both my parents and sometimes my brother. I figured if we pay for the deposit when we buy them we might as well get that money back.

How do you earn extra money? This post is linked to the Frugal Tuesday Tip hosted here at Learning the Frugal Life.


  1. I was actually getting ready to do a post on this. One of my favorite things to do is buy something at a garage sale or thrift store and re-sell it. I did that with a Coach purse recently. Bought it for 50 cents at a garage sale and sold it on Ebay for $65. Score!

  2. Great ideas! I periodically go through my stuff and make 4 piles. The good stuff goes on Ebay, the big stuff gets listed on Craigslist, the okay stuff gets donated to Salvation Army, and the junk goes in the trash.

  3. Don't forget about the Half Price Bookstore! When my DVD & book collection gets a little out of hand, I take them there and I get some extra cash! How many DVDs do you have sitting there that you've watched once?? :)

  4. There are some really good ideas here! I'm terrible at selling my stuff. I take most of it to Goodwill. I used to have garage sales but have decided goodwilling it's just easier for me right now. I have sold a few things on eBay for a nice profit though. I've been thinking about gold...might have to try that!

  5. Maybe its just my warped sense of humour, but I had to read that twice, as it looked like you were cashing in your parents and brother.