Sunday, April 1, 2012

Menu Plan Monday...A New Kind of Plan

My husband has had issues with his stomach his entire life. This last year things went from bad to really bad. I have my suspicions that he is gluten and/or lactose intolerant. We had him tested last week. We have yet to receive any results but he has been eating a gluten free diet for almost a week now and his seen HUGE improvements.

I am also questioning whether my #3 son has an allergy as well. He often complains of belly pain and has loose stools after eating (thanks for sharing huh?)

SO we are going to make a huge commitment to try and go gluten free as much as possible. There is no question that my husband needs to do this. For the most part I will be trying to make dinner gluten free so that my husband can enjoy dinner with all of us and not be singled out eating chicken breast while we eat fried breaded chicken.

Will be stocking up on lots and lots of fruits and veggies!

After lots of research I have come up with a plan for dinner this week. Wish me luck.

Monday...Grilled hamburgers, broccoli, strawberries.
Tuesday...GF Balsamic chicken with roasted veggies, strawberries and bananas.
Wednesday...Tacos, using corn tortilla's, tortilla chips, carrots and peaches.
Thursday...Have a turkey we are going to roast, will eat that and use the leftovers for sandwiches and other meals for the next week, mashed potatoes, corn and fruit.

Do you have any favorite gluten free recipes you would like to share? For more dinner ideas head on over to I'm an Organizing Junkie.


  1. Trader Joe's has lots of gluten free options and they clearly label the packaging if something is gluten free which is nice because sometimes things seem like they should be GF but you're not sure. They have corn pasta that is only $1.30ish. I thought it tasted ok but it seemed to take a long time to cook and then the outside was almost gummy or something. I like rice pasta too. It doesn't taste much different than regular pasta to me. Nut Thin crackers are good for a GF snack. Hyvee Health market has almost anything you can think of in a gluten free version (bread, pizza crust, waffles, etc). It's all a lot more expensive though. There are lots of GF recipes on Pinterest too. Good luck!

  2. Your recipes sound good! Personally, I have not had good luck with any kind of GF spaghetti noodle. All of mine turn out gummy. We prefer the elbow macaroni, rotini and penne pastas. They have a nice consistency and I only buy rice noodles now. Also, for something a little different, I buy the rice noodles in the Chinese section. (not Lo Mein) They are a long curly almost sticky noodle that are really good with just some butter and seasonings (garlic, italian seasoning, crushed red pepper & sea salt) yum!

  3. I created a new recipe that your kids will be sure to love! In your food processor, grind up 1 bag of frozen strawberries. Add 3/4 large carton of all-natural vanilla yogurt and 2 large spoonfulls of peanut butter. Process until well mixed and place in popsicle/smoothie pop molds and freeze. HUGE hit in our house!