Monday, April 2, 2012

Stocking Up When Prices are Low

Yesterday I went to Aldi to get some of my produce for the week. They typically have great prices on produce and dairy. While I was there I came across some Kerrygold cheese that we usually splurge on once in awhile. At the grocery store I usually pay over $6 for a package. Aldis price was $2.99! I quickly called my husband to see how many packages he wanted me to buy.

The expiration date was good until next year and if need be, you can always store cheese in the freezer. The sign under the cheese read "for a limited time only". I ended up picking up 12 packages. Since this is a fancier cheese (at least for us anyway) and we don't eat it near as often I am guessing this should last us about 6 months. I was very happy to stock up on this cheese at over 50% less than what I would normally pay. It isn't such a splurge at this price!

Buying items when they are at their lowest price is a great way to build up your pantry. Watch for sales on staples that you use. When you find them at their lowest price, stock up. This post is linked to the Frugal Tuesday Tip hosted here at Learning the Frugal Life.


  1. Our Aldi's has lame produce, slightly rotten, soft veggies and fruit that I will never buy. Glad yours is Ok. I'll pay more for better stuff, mostly organic as it's much better quality. WalMart has the fresh stuff that has the most pesticides on it so I rarely buy there. I, too freeze cheese when ther's a good sale. it can break apart sometimes, but can still be used. Thanks for your post. Deb

  2. I also found this cheese at Aldi and bought a bit. I should have bought more...but I didn't. They were almost out. I almost always pleased with the quality of produce at my Aldi. Sometimes I have to be choosy - but I find that at any grocery store.