Friday, May 4, 2012

Garden Update

I finally made it out to the garden the other day.  It had been a week since I was out in the backyard.  I wasn't out for long but I manged to hobble to all the garden areas and check things out.  Things seem to be coming up nicely.

I was excited to see that my peas are up.  Last time I saw them only a few were starting to push their way through the top of the soil.
Here are my peach trees.  I was going to cut them down this year but then they bloomed so we decided to wait it out.  They are really looking sad.  I have some sort of disease it looks like because all the leaves are curling.  If you click on the picture you can see it better.  I am bummed because I actually have quite a few peaches on.  You can see them in the picture below.  We will see if they end up developing fully.  
This is a branch from my cherry tree.  They are really loaded this year.   It will be a challenge to get them all picked before the birds get to them.

The raspberries are doing great too.  I should get a decent crop from them too.  The bees were busy when I was taking pictures.
I have only had the raspberries a couple years but they have really outgrown their little area.  Last year I dug up some canes and moved them to an area behind our shed.  They are doing great.  Looks like I will be adding some more back there.  I have lots of new canes coming up.  I didn't realize they spread so much.   
I was really happy my husband planted my kale and green beans for me the other day.  Now I am set for a couple weeks before the rest of the garden can be planted.

How is your garden doing?


  1. You are doing great for having just had the surgery :o)
    I raked and thinned out the strawberries in the fall like you did. They are definetly bigger this year, and starting to ripen. Another thing I did differently, was I went out and fertilized with Miracle Grow each week once they started blooming. I was very disappointed with our small crop and tiny berries last year.
    Going out to pick lettuce later this morning for the first time, got a good jump on that this year thanks to the early spring here in Iowa.
    Pray you mend quickly so you can enjoy working in your garden and tending those new chicks!

  2. Looks great to me. My husband always says, "even if it doesn't all work, you are practicing and one day if this is all we have to eat from, you will have it all figured out." It makes the successes sweeter and the failures easier to bear. Peaches are so sensitive. Hang in there. I am getting ready to post pics of our garden on my blog. We can watch them grow together. :)

  3. i need to move my raspberries for our grad party. salad greens are looking OK, strawberries looking ok. just did a pallet garden, but it's such a large pallet that I'm not looking forward to standing it upright next week. _heavy_