Monday, May 28, 2012

Preserving Strawberries

I have had a good crop of strawberries again this year. Usually berries are just starting to get ripe, but due to the crazy weather this Spring I have been harvesting for about the last 2 weeks.

They are starting to wind down and the picking each night is getting less.  We have been able to enjoy fresh strawberries from the garden everyday.  I have been able to put a couple gallon bags up for freezing.  Certainly not near as much as I wanted too (we are planning to visit the local berry patch this week to preserve some more).  We just go through so many berries at our house.  All the kids love them!  The easiest way for me to preserve strawberries is by freezing.

First, cut off stems and wash berries. Pat with towel to dry off any excess water. Place berries onto a cookie sheet or cake pan with out touching each other. I place a towel under them, this eliminates the berries from sticking to the pan.

Place cookie sheet into freezer for a couple hours. This will get them frozen enough that you can pull them off and place them into a bag. Place desired amount into bag, label and freeze.  I preserve mulberries and blueberries the same way.

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