Monday, May 21, 2012

Saving Big at Garage Sales

It's no secret.  I.Love.Garage.Sales.  From Spring until Fall, Friday mornings are my favorite time of the week.

This last weekend I did really good.  I got lots of clothes for all the kids for the upcoming Winter season.  I got brand new looking jeans for $1, shirts and sweatshirts anywhere from $.25-$1 ( I spent $.50 on a new looking Iowa State hooded sweatshirt for my 6 year old!)  By far though here are my 2 best deals of the week.

I scored this backpack carrier for $3!  After doing some research online it looks like this brand and style runs about $100.  My husband and I would like to start doing some walking/hiking and this is going to be perfect!
The second best deal was this Gameboy Advance my husband found in a $.25 bin.  I was for sure it was a mistake and when I went to pay for it I figured they would realize it and tell me it accidently got placed in the bin.  Nope, we got the Gameboy and the game for a quarter.  I couldn't believe it.

I do try and keep in mind a few tips when I shop at garage sales.  You can really save a lot of money if you do it right.

1. Take small bills. Keep your change throughout the week and stock up on dollar bills.
2. Go early if you can. Good stuff will go fast so the earlier you can get stated the better.
3. Make a list of the things you are looking for. With my children I have a list of all the sizes I am looking for and try to buy for the next size/season ahead.
4. Plan your route. Check the paper and/or craigslist for list of sales. I usually follow the same route each week unless I see a block sale or something that I feel like I should hit first.
5. Have gas in your vehicle. I hate starting off and then realizing I have to stop and get gas.
6. Bring snacks and water for yourself and kids if your bringing them along. This will keep you from running through a drive through or gas station for treats.

Do you shop at garage sales?  What great deals have you found lately?  This post is linked to the Frugal Tuesday Tip hosted here at Learning the Frugal Life.


  1. Hello. My name is Dannette and I too, am a garage sale-aholic. Since I work full time, Friday mornings aren't possible for me. BUT-on Friday during my lunch, there are OODLES of garage sales on the west side. It's amazing how many you can hit up. I like to park one place and just walk around a few blocks where I see them clumped together so I get a nice walk in too. I'm so excited it garage sale season!

  2. I LOVE g sale season. There are certain neighborhoods I go to each year and SCORE. It's crazy what some people put out on their sales. Love them!

  3. I miss good garage sales! I used to score great things in CO, but here in OH I have hardly any luck. We went to a neighborhood sale last weekend (the only hope for decent things at decent prices here) and after stopping at 8 or 9 we just went home with nothing. It is just all trash, clothing with huge holes in it for $3?????? Crazy!