Thursday, June 14, 2012

Frugal Gift Idea for Coaches or Dad

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My husband was the T-ball coach for our younger 2 boys this year.  The end of the season is coming up and I was looking for something simple and cheap, yet meaningful to give him as a gift to thank him for his time and commitment to the kids.  While browsing the internet I came across this idea.  I loved it!  However, I didn't love the price tag.  $24.99??  Hmmm.  I could do almost the same thing for a fraction of the cost.

Since we are the coaches I acquired the ball from the school.  I had each of the kids sign their name on the ball and then I put the team and year.  We presented the ball to my husband at the last game and he was was more than thrilled with his gift!  My son donated his plastic baseball holder just like the one above so I virtually spent no money on this present. 

Even if I had to purchase the materials you could still make this gift  for less than $10.  This post is linked to the Frugal Tuesday Tip, hosted here at Learning the Frugal Life. 

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