Saturday, June 16, 2012

Garden Harvest

We are harvesting daily from our garden.  We have been so busy I haven't had the time to take pictures of all that we are getting.

We are still getting lettuce and kale.  With the hot temperatures the lettuce is starting to get a bit of a bite to it.  We are still eating it though and have enjoyed salads every day.  Planting a large crop of greens has been a huge money saver for us this Spring.  My husband has been on a strict diet and has salads everyday for lunch and sometimes dinner.  He has been able to eat almost entirely from our own garden.  
We have been harvesting snow peas every couple days.  My daughter has become my official bowl holder.  She usually sits there and nibbles on the peas as I put them in the bowl.  So far we have collected over a gallon.  I am excited to be able to put some in the freezer for future use. 
The first crop of spinach is starting to go to seed.  I have been picking it but it still seems to want to seed. I have a new row coming in nicely and hopefully I will have a few more weeks of picking.
We have also been picking raspberries.  We are getting a couple handfuls each day.  They are wonderful! 


  1. The heat here has already caused my lettuce to bolt! We ate lots of it while it was here though!

  2. The heat in kansas has been intense, we are still getting lettuce from underneath a row cover though!

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