Saturday, October 6, 2012

Finding Ways to Save Money

It's hard to believe we are already in to October.  It has been a busy couple months full of some planned and some unplanned expenses. 

My husband was having some tooth pain and visited the dentist who told him he needed not one, but two root canals.  We got a new kitty over the summer and he has required some trips to the vet and of course neutering.  Now that we added our 16 year old son to our car insurance our 6 month premiums have more than doubled.  Plus the truck we bought him needs 4 new tires.  Of course all of these things happen at the same time and along with our other normal monthly expenses like utilities, gas and groceries things have been a little tight to say the least.

I HATE using credit cards and when we do, we pay it off  right away.  I can't stand the thought of paying interest.  I am really hoping to avoid doing that if at all possible.  Here are just a few things we have been trying to do to save/earn a little extra cash.

Use less.  I am trying to use less of everything.  Using less electicity by keeping lights off and unplugging when possible.  Watch my laundry drying time and hang clothes outside when I can.  I am trying to cut back on water.  No more garden watering, no more loooong showers.  Combine my errands and stay home as much as possible to save on gas.  $3.69/gal is killing our budget.  Now that my son is driving our gas budget is going to have to be revisited.

Waste less food and make less trips to the store.  Using up all the leftovers and trying to not let anything go bad.  Watching expiration dates and using what is in the pantry.  Less trips to the store means less impulse buying.  I need to get back to once a week shopping and sticking to my list. 

Choosing to stay home.  This was tough because my husband was on vacation this last week.  It was the perfect opportunity to explore some new restaurants I have been wanting to try while all the kids were in school.  Instead, we choose to stay home and eat. 

Sell something.  My husband and I both have gone through some of our old items and taken pictures of them to post on Craigslist.  We aren't using them and they are just collecting dust sitting around so why not try and make a little money?  Anyone want to buy a trumpet, PSP, or baby jumper?  :)

I keep thinking Christmas is just around the corner too.  Only 79 more days.  I just really need to win the lottery!  


  1. I can feel your pain about the car insurance. One thing that has been so helpful is that my son works and fills up his gas tank. We didn't really ask him to, but we waited to get his license until he actually needed to drive. When that happened, it was because he had gotten a job and was taking classes at the local college (he's 17). When he got his license and car, he also had a new job and he really likes contributing. Now it's kind of fun to take his car when it's on empty and fill it up for him, as a surprise. I hope you are able to find a "groove" that works for your family. :)

  2. What did you decide about allowance/spending money for your oldest? I remember a post you wrote asking for ideas and was wondering what you decided to do.