Monday, October 8, 2012

My Visit to the Discount Store

I went on a field trip with my sister the other day.  We headed to Dallas Center, Iowa. Our mission was to stop at an Amish bulk store and a discount store my sister had heard about.

Our first stop was to a discount store. I wasn't exactly sure what to expect.  Here is some information I took from their website.    

The prices are lower because Centsable sells products that have been mishandled, or didn't make it to the big-name store for some other reason.  Chain stores might not sell an entire palette of canned goods if one can gets dented.  Instead, they sell them for pennies on the dollar to us, and the savings are passed on to our customers.

I didn't find a whole lot of dented or damaged goods.  Mostly what we found were expired items.  The main thing while browsing the aisles was to check the expiration dates.  We found a bottle of lime preserves that expired in 2009!  For a small store they had a very mixed bag of products.  Along with food, there were seasonal items like Easter candy, medications, shampoo, sunscreen and charcoal to name a few.

You also had to really check the prices.  For example they had 2lb boxes of Velveeta cheese for $5.49.  In my area that is the same price you would pay at the grocery store.  Stove Top Stuffing was priced at $.99.  You can get that for about that price at the store, sometimes cheaper if using a coupon.  Coffee was another item I found that wasn't marked down very much.  Dunkin Donut Coffee was marked $5.49 only about $2 cheaper than store bought and usually you can find a coupon for this brand as well.

Can you say junk food??
With all that being said I did pick up a few items. 

Marshmallows were $.50.  They were expired and I could feel they weren't very soft but since I use them in baking I went ahead and bought them.  I also picked up Sea Salt for $.99.  Not a huge bargain but about half of what I would pay at my local store.  Tubes of frosting for cakes were marked at $.49, the chips we got are for special occasions and ranged anywhere from $.49-$.99.  I also got quite a few candy items for $.35.  These come in handy for ball games when my kiddos want to get a snack and I would normally give them $1 to do so.

My overall opinion was so-so.  If I were to be driving by I would probably stop and check it out again since their products change all the time.  I definitely won't be making any special trips to go back.  Like I said, the prices weren't very exciting and there was just way too much expired food.  I know food is usually good past their date on the package but some of these were months, if not years past expiration.

I will write about our second visit to the Amish bulk store in another post.  I was happier with that visit.

How about you?  Have you ever shopped at a discount store advertising "damaged" or "dented" items before?


  1. I noticed in your photo that you have a bag of Indiana Popcorn. Wanted to let you know that they have pulled/recalled several lots with different expiry dates because of a recall from Sunland. This recall has affected a huge number of companys.
    Here's the link that you can check:

  2. Wow, Sandee. I never thought to check for recalls. I think that idea is good. You can read my thoughts on the store at

  3. Thanks for the heads up Sandee. I had no idea. It is interesting all the expired food. My husband thought there was a law against that but apparently not. Something to look into maybe.

  4. I had no idea until my husband just caught a quick glance on an early morning news show & recognized the red bag.

    This was also posted on in reference to Sunland and peanuts.

    It is amazing how few companies can adversely effect so many others.

  5. I have been to Centsable before and you can get some good deals. I have bought tuna, cereal, and granola bars that are usually 3-4 months from expiring.

  6. Collectamania (Just South of Euclid&Delaware) in Des Moines also sells expired Pepperidge farm food and wheat bread (all varieties).. some of the snack items are way old but the bread is usually not that old. I make my own bread now but at .75 a loaf that is a steal!