Sunday, November 11, 2012

Stocking Up on Items After the Holidays

I like to hit up the stores after the holidays to see what kind of deals I can find.  I am not necessarily looking for "holiday" items.  This is a good time to pick up items that are clearanced out because they have a special holiday package.  For example, in the past I have picked up clearanced toothpaste, ziplock baggies, and candy all deeply discounted because it was in a holiday package.  Once the holiday is over stores don't want these items anymore.

Last week I stopped by 2 stores and each had their Halloween items 75% off.  Here are some of the things I grabbed.  I picked up muffin cups for $.48.  I got some sprinkles for decorating cakes and cookies for $.47.      I got cake mixes for $.68 and Captain Crunch cereal was marked from $3 down to $1.19 per box.  I was even able to pick up some sleep pants for my son who is 14.  I got the pants for $2.73 and he loved that they were orange with skulls on them!

Even though all of these things had a Halloween theme I am still able to use them now and I would have had to buy some of them anyway.  If I can pay a quarter or even half of the price I am super happy!

After holidays keep your eyes open for those special packaged items that may be clearanced out.


  1. Last year after CHristmas Igot tons of stuff to send to the troops this year. Santa hats 25 cents then down to 10cents. I love sales.

  2. Holiday toothpaste?!?!?!!!
    Whatever will they think of next?!?

  3. It sounds like you hit Target! I bought Halloween cake mix there for $.68 after the holiday. Then, I used 2 boxes for Coffee Sunday the following Sunday.

    I did the same at Michael's and stocked up on Halloween craft supplies for my Girl Scout troop for next year.

  4. I usually look for weight loss items for my clients, the day after Christmas.