Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Planning for the 2013 Garden Season

I sat down this weekend with my in-laws and planned out what I will plant in my garden this year.  We compiled a list of seeds we needed to buy and my father-in-law is getting everything ordered for us.  We both plant large gardens, as well as my cousin, so we all went in together to order our seeds, saving money by ordering in bulk.

My FIL plans to start seedlings inside next month.  The goal will be to have strong, healthy plants to put in the ground when it's warm enough to plant outdoors.  Starting seeds indoors gives us a jump start on the planting season.  It saves tons of money starting your own seeds verses buying already grown plants from the greenhouse.

I am hoping to be a little more vigilant in keeping a garden journal this year.  I always start off well, and then putter out when things start getting busy.  I have my previous years garden maps so that I know where all my crops have been and what needs to be rotated this year.  I still have to do some rearranging and figure out where I am going to put everything this year.

I no longer have my peach trees.  We had to take them out at the end of the season last year.  I would love to put something in their place but have to look into seeing if that is even possible since the roots are still in the ground.

My strawberry bed will need some thinning and my raspberries pruned, but they both produced well last year and looked good going into the cold season.

Here is what I have planned for this years garden.

2013 Garden
Bell Peppers
Green Beans
Arugula *New this year
Summer Squash
Snap Peas
Sweet Corn *To be grown at my cousin's farm

Have you started planting your garden?  As I type this it is 4 degrees outside and the wind chill is -20.  Before long though the spring showers will be here and it will be time to garden.  I am so looking forward to getting out and getting my hands dirty again!


  1. I just don't have any luck planting seeds. The plants are always much weaker than the store bought plants and don't produce well. The difference was so obvious this past year that I said then I wouldn't bother planting seeds again. Except I still have seeds and why not at least try? I don't have a good spot for them inside which is one problem. Ugh! I wish I could make it work.

  2. Dh and I are thinking about cutting back on our gardening this year. With the kids getting old enough to be good travelers, we'd like to spend more time doing day trips in the area. We're also getting a little tired of dealing with the deer that insist on eating our vegetables.

    We have 2 apple trees that we may take down this year. Neither has been very productive. Our peach has done really well.