Friday, January 30, 2015

Jump Start to Eating Better

Along with not paying attention to what we were spending we were also not paying attention to what we were eating.  Both my husband and I are at our all time heaviest weight.  Time to get some motivation and get losing some of those extra pounds.

It's hard though, right?  We have gotten caught up in the loop of too tired, to busy to exercise.  Everyone tells me if I start working out and eating better I'll have more energy and feel better.  But it's hard to get motivated  when you are so.tired.all.the.time.  Since I've gained weight I have become more fatigued, my joints, especially my knees are hurting alot of the time.  Just getting up off the floor from playing with my kids is painful and difficult.  Ugh.  I am tired of feeling this way!

So to jump start our journey of getting back to eating real, healthy, naturals foods my husband and I are doing the Dr. Oz 2 week weight loss program.  Basically it's no wheat, dairy, caffeine, sugar, or alcohol for 2 weeks.  There is a recipe for a breakfast smoothie you can drink each morning which is actually very good.  You can have 6 oz of lean meat each day, 1/2 cup brown rice, and unlimited low- glycemic veggies.  There is also a vegetable detox broth that you can make and drink each day  He gives you a guide to follow and if your interested you can find more information by clicking here.

I'm hoping that this will get us back on track to eating better. We definitely need to move away from all the processed and sugar loaded foods.

We are currently on day 3.  It's been a little rough.  We both have felt very fatigued and have been suffering headaches the past couple days.  I'm hoping all this will pass and we will begin to feel better.  I can already tell my stomach problems are better so that's a plus.

It is also making it a little tough to menu plan.  I am trying to have the kids eat what we are plus adding in some fruits to their diet.  I am planning to start posting my menu plan again each Monday.

So wish us luck!  Has anyone ever tried this diet?  If so, I would love to hear from you!

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