Saturday, February 14, 2015

Homemade Valentine's For Kids

Happy Valentines Day!  I wanted to share with you the homemade Valentine's I made for my kids.

Can I first say...I love Pinterest!  Pinterest is full of all sorts of fun crafty things to do.

We made these adorable Olof Valentine's for all the kids.

Here is a picture I took this morning after they put them together.

Here is what we made the girls.  I printed these butterfly templates onto colored card stock.  We wrote around the edges "Happy Valentine's Day".  I used my heart punch to punch out scrapbook paper hearts and glue them on the wings.  I used hot glue to place the eyes on the sucker, made 2 slits in the center of the butterfly and inserted the sucker.

These super hero Valentine's were probably my favorite.  I found the printable for them here.  I used just regular felt to make the capes.  I cut out the logos  and glued them onto the cape.  Punched holes in the capes as well as the cards on the front with a paper punch. Inserted the sucker and used a ribbon to tie them all together.  Here are the fronts.
And of course the capes!

My kids were so excited!  
I used all craft materials I had on hand.  I purchased the suckers and a few items for the olof bags.  

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  1. Those snowmen are too cute! And I love the capes - might use that idea for my son's birthday party.