Friday, February 20, 2015

Raising Backyard Chickens - When and Where to Buy Chicks

Once you have decided on what breeds you want it's time to make your purchase! Farm supply stores will be full of baby chicks here soon. Spring is the best time to purchase chicks. Sometimes you are limited to what kind of breeds you get if you buy at the store. In some cases the store will special order the breeds you want you just need to ask.

Another option to buying baby chicks is through a mail order hatchery. McMurray Hatchery is a popular hatchery and you can order chicks from Spring until Fall. Chicks are born with enough food and water in their systems from the egg that they can go a couple days without eating or drinking. This makes it possible to ship them via mail. Once they arrive at the post office someone will call you to come pick them up.

Be aware that when you order from a mail order hatchery you may have to meet a minimum order. If you aren't wanting that many it might be best to find a couple other people who are looking at purchasing chicks and go in it together.

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