Monday, February 23, 2015

Menu Plan Monday

My hubby and I are doing pretty good staying low carb and low sugar.  We finished our Dr. Oz diet a couple weeks ago but we have incorporated some new habits.  We are continuing to start our day with warm lemon water and eat the breakfast smoothie each morning.  I am back to drinking coffee but I have gone from 1 pot a day down to just 1-2 cups each morning.  

Myfitnesspal has helped us stay on track.  We log our food, weight, and exercise daily.  It's actually almost fun because we are doing it together.  Both of us have been trying to work out a few times each week and slowly we are starting to feel and look healthier!  We started this journey 28 days ago and so far we have lost a combined total of 29 lbs!  

Here's what's on the dinner table this week.  

Monday-Low carb baked enchilada's, green beans.  
Tuesday-Ditto.  Thought we would eat it all tonight-no such luck.  Will switch up our side to corn.
Wednesday-Homemade pizzas, raw broccoli and carrots, applesauce.
Thursday-Chili, corn bread.
Friday-Dinner with friends!

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