Monday, September 5, 2016

Big Changes

We are making some big changes around our household.  After almost 11 years of staying home I am going back to work tomorrow!  My husband and I always agreed that once all our kids were in school I would go back to work.  This year our youngest child started Kindergarten so the time is already here for me to make this change.

It's bitter sweet for me really.  I am experiencing so many emotions.  I'm excited to start a new adventure, nervous for change, scared I'll fail, and sad to be leaving my status as a stay at home momma.  It will be an adjustment for sure.  Not just for me but for my husband and kids as well.

I'm still learning to be frugal all the time so I plan to continue blogging!  It's an exciting time for us and I'm happy to take you on this new journey with me.

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