Monday, September 5, 2016

Update on our No Spend Month

It's only been 4 days but so far our No Spend month has gone ok.  I won't say great because we have spent money but it has been on things that we needed to get done-kinda!  Here is the break down on what we have spent each day.

Day 1-I spent $15.55 on a haircut.  I wanted to get this done before I started my new job (more on that coming).  I also spent $36.75 on gas for my van.

Day 2-The Mr spent $25 on an oil change and $30 (previous commitment) on Fantasy Football.

Day 3-The Mr spent $1.60 at Fareway buying buns for tailgating.

Day 4-We spent $47 at a wedding (includes gift and dollar dances).

So far I haven't gone to the grocery store (the Mr did).  I'm needing some bread and other items but I am holding off until we absolutely need to go.  My husband is in charge of meals this week and I know he has been searching through the pantry for ideas.

I'll check in next Sunday to let you know how the upcoming week goes.

How have you done?  If you're participating leave a comment and update us!

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