Saturday, September 3, 2016

Preserving for the Winter

I think I am finally done canning for the year.  Frankly, I am burned out.  I always feel this way by now.  I actually ran out of jars this year and had to borrow some from my mother in law.  I shouldn't complain, I am so blessed to have a pantry full of food.

My garden was not great this year with the exception of my tomatoes.  They have done awesome!  Something ate my green beans early so I wasn't able to get any from my own garden but we were gifted beans from a friend at Will's work.  I got squash bugs which destroyed all my zucchini, squash and cucumbers.

It looks like my tomatoes are starting to slow down.  Blight is setting in so it appears that my harvest is almost over with those.  My hot peppers are still going strong so I see some pickling in my future with those.

I just put up 14 quarts of apples and that is the only fruit I am going to preserve this year.  I still have a decent supply of pears and peaches from last year.  As of right now here is what I have preserved this year.

I just counted total number of jars, I didn't specify if they were quarts or pints.

Corn 5
Green Beans 17
Regular Salsa 11
Jalapeno Salsa 4
Spaghetti Sauce 11
Pickled Peppers 15
Regular Tomatoes 56
Plain Tomato Sauce 5
Tomato Jelly 5
Mulberry Jelly 19
Apple Pie Filling 14

What all have you preserved this year?

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