Sunday, September 11, 2016

Update on our No Spend Month Week 2

Wow.  This was a big week for us.  I started my new job, my oldest son who is in the Army returned home from South Korea, and my next oldest son got his official driver's license so I no longer have to chaperone him around!  It's been a great week.

As far as our no spend month is concerned I am happy with how we did this week.  Here is a breakdown of what we spent this week.

Day 5- $0
Day 6- $0

Day 7- I spent $35 on gas for my van, hubby spent $38.58 on gas for his Jeep.  Hubby also spent $5 on the lottery pool at work.  He refuses to give that up!

Day 8- $0

Day 9- Hubby broke down and bought a pop at work for $1.60.  I'm impressed he went 8 whole days without buying one!  He's doing good.  We also spent $9 for admission at the high school football game.  We didn't buy any concessions!

Day 10- Our first grocery trip of the month.  We went to Aldi and spent $44.51.  Here is what we bought.
 We have done great at eating what's in our freezers.  We really haven't even made a dent so I don't think we will have a problem keeping our grocery budget under $100 for the month.  Also we have eaten dinner at home each night so I am super proud of us for that!

Today starts a new week.  Let us know how you did this last week in the comments or on our Facebook page!

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