Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Scheduling Time

So, if you read my previous post from a few days ago I was having some issues with organizing my days and pinning down my priorities. I have been extremely forgetful and I am really great at trying to cram everything into one day. Cleaning, cooking, laundry, helping with homework, errands, etc. So, after thinking it over for a couple days I have come up with a schedule of when I am going to try and get things accomplished. It is going to go a little like this.

Monday..Cleaning Day. Try and hit the YMCA. Oldest has jazz band and #2 oldest has piano in the evenings.

Tuesday..School time. Possibly work at my mothers for 2 hours in the afternoon. Shopping for groceries and misc. after kids go to bed.

Wednesday..Try and hit the YMCA. Run errands. Family night.

Thursday..School time. Possibly work at my mothers for 2 hours in the afternoon. Optional story time at the library at 7pm.

Friday..Try and hit the YMCA.

Saturday..Cleaning day. Family to the YMCA.


Everyday I will need a little time for tidy ups, dishes and laundry. I think I couldn't go one day without doing these things! My plan is to do them right when the kids go down for their naps. Once that is done then I can sit and blog, clip coupons, nap, whatever. I am also going to try and just plan out activities 2-3 times a week for the boys. My youngest most especially is at a really difficult stage right now to try and get anything done. Especially if it involves sitting. My 3 year old loves all crafting so maybe I will just plan some time with him every other day or so.

My computer time always falls early in the morning before kids wake up, at naps in the afternoon or at night after all are asleep. I have decided that at least one night a week hubby and I have to have some sort of time together that is not just sitting at our computers. We both like movies so this could be an option or maybe we will just battle over Scrabble, we both like that game! We don't get baby sitters often so I think we really have to work at spending some time together doing something.

Now, this is all very rough. I would like to say that I will stick with this schedule as long as there are no bumps in the road. But I have to be flexible in this family! Hopefully this will take some of the stress off of trying to get everything done each day.

What does your schedule look like? Do you have your days reserved for certain activities?


  1. good luck. our days have a different focus because of class schedules. you're getting a lot of visits according to your maploco!

  2. Great job scheduling your time. We recently joined our local Y and I have yet to figure out a way to fit in into our days. I should try implementing a similar schedule.