Thursday, May 14, 2009

Recycling Your Grass Clippings ~ Garden Mulch

I should have taken a picture of how long I let my grass grow before cutting it tonight. It was looking pretty bad. It worked out ok though because I wanted to use the grass clippings to mulch around my plants in my garden so I wanted it to be a little long.

Tonight I mowed the lawn, then my hubby and 3 younger sons helped rake up all the grass into piles. They brought it over to the garden in wheel barrows and I spread it out in between and around all the plants. Grass clippings make great mulch for your garden. They filter down into the soil and decompose rather quickly. The clippings help contribute nutrients to your soil, thus naturally fertilizing your plants and soil.

We did this last year and it worked great. Not only does it add nutrients and organic matter your soil and plants, it also helps control the weeds. The clipping also maintain moisture so you don't have to water as often.

Add the grass clippings around plants and in between rows in layers of about one inch deep. Allow the clippings to dry before adding more. Adding thick amounts of clippings at once can result is too much moisture and it will get slimy and matted down. This prevents the decomposition and limits the amount of air and water reaching the soil.

Every so often add a little more clippings here and there as they decompose into the soil. In the Fall you can just till the clippings that are left on top back into your soil. For more Frugal Fridays visit Life as Mom.


  1. We usually let our plants get a bit taller and then mulch, mulch, mulch! Love those grass clippings!

  2. My My you live in an awesome area! So Pretty! Great find on the boys things .
    I enjoy your blog and often just admire your efforts.