Sunday, October 2, 2016

Wrap up on the No Spend Month

Well our no spend month is over.  Here is the break down of what we spent the last week of the month.

26- $0

27- It was our wedding anniversary and we decided to not exchange anything.  I did spend $.37 on a pop for the hubby.  I used rewards at Walgreens so only paid .37 out of pocket.

28- $20 for gas in my car.

29- My husband went to Illinois for a funeral.  He spent $75.51 on gas and $1.92 on pop.  We also went well over our $100 food budget.  My son's birthday was on the 30th so we bought his birthday dinner (he wanted steak and shrimp of course) and cinnamon rolls for breakfast then we had a family lunch for him on Sunday so we had to buy groceries for that.  We spent $57.12.

30- We spent $9 at the high school football game.

All in all I think we did really well for the month.  We would have stayed closer within our $100 grocery budget if we didn't buy groceries for our son's birthday.  Total spent on groceries was about $160.  Usually we spend at least $600 each month just on groceries.  So we saved roughly $440.

We didn't spend money on eating out at all.  We ate from the freezers and pantry.  I am saying that this saved us at least $250.  Eating out and groceries are our major flexible expenses.

It's hard to judge just how much money we saved from having a no spend month but I am guesstimating around $1000.  It's amazing!  Of course my van went into the shop at the end of the month and that cost us $416 to fix.  I guess at least I had the money on hand and we didn't need to dip into our savings to pay for it.

How did your no spend month go?  Did you save some money?  Let us know how you did in the comments.

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