Sunday, September 25, 2016

Update on our No Spend Month-Week 4

This week went by really fast again.  I am still trying to get used to working full time!  We did pretty good on our spending again.  Here is a break down of what we spent each day.  

Day 18- $0
Day 19- We made our second trip to the grocery store and here is what we bought for $26.50.
Day 20- This was my day off so I ran a bunch of errands that day.  I took cans back and earned $7.35.  I went to the farm store and spent $17.25 on 2 bales of straw and woodchips for the chickens.  I went to Walmart and got some household items and pop for the hubby and spent $37.80.  That one hurt a little but I got some things that we needed.  Granted I probably didn't need to buy so much deodorant but I had $1 coupons that were about ready to expire.  Now that my daughter is no longer wearing flip flops I had to get her some socks and they were on clearance for $3.

Day 21- $0
Day 22- $0

Day 23- I stopped at a garage sale during my lunch break, I know, I know.  However they were selling little girl clothes for $.25 per item. It was insane.  Needless to say I spent $5.50 but now my daughter has an entire Fall and Winter wardrobe.  My husband went to the store to buy food for tailgating at the ISU game and spent $8.92.  We now have $1.27 left for our grocery budget for the month.  Eeek!

Day 24- Gas for the hubbys car $39.94

Day 25- $26.00 for a birthday gift.

So there you have it.  We have only 5 days left of the month.  I think we have done really good.  I am not feeling any urge to go shopping or spend any money.  I told my husband we should carry this over to October but he thought we didn't need to be quite as stingy next month.   He agreed with me that he was excited about the money we have been saving.

We have almost made it!  How did your week go?  Let us know in the comments!

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  1. We are still doing good in all areas except groceries! It is something, but I wish I could have done better on groceries. I did go to the Eddie Bauer Outlet today with a $10 rewards card about to expire. I had to look a long time, but I finally came away with 2 pairs of black socks for $4.37. These will be for my husband's Christmas present. I am trying very hard to keep out Christmas spending very low so am using lots of coupons and such to get the best deals. Last week I got an Under Armour hat for my son for around $2!