Sunday, September 18, 2016

Update on our No Spend Month Week 3

Wow!  This week really flew by for us.  This was my first full week of work and we are still getting used to the changes around here.  One great thing is I/we have been so busy we have stayed out of the stores!  We had a fantastic week of no spending.  Here is what we spent, or didn't spend each day.

Day 11  $0
Day 12  $0

Day 13  $19.88 at Walgreens for medications.
            $10.20 for groceries at Walmart.  My son needed snacks for school and my hubby really                     wanted some pop.  He has been doing so good with this.  We spent alot of money on pop in               the past.
            $13.50 at Walmart on cat liter.

Day 14  $5 at the store for ice that we needed to take to a party.

Day 15  $0
Day 16  $29.48 for gas in my van.
Day 17  $0

I am so proud with how my family did this week.  We still have $38.69 left in our grocery budget for the month.  I know we plan to go to the store today to get bare essentials!  We still have plenty of meat in our freezer so basically we just need some dairy and produce.

How did your week go?  Share in the comments!


  1. It's going well! I'll scheduled to post my week three update on thursday!

  2. sounds a lot like what I am doing this month! can't wait to spend the money I saved at christmas time! Thank you for your blog post, I have your blog linked on my blog, I really enjoy your blog! cheek it out at

    1. Thank you! I'll head on over to check out your blog!